In April 2019 I was selected as a London Assembly candidate, being placed at number six on the Conservatives’ London-wide list.


Here's my five point plan to deliver for our capital:

1) Help London build back better 

Like the rest of the country, London has suffered as a result of the COVID-19. I will do all I can to ensure that our city can build back better.  


2) Make London Safe

Crime in London is simply too high and we desperately need more police officers on the beat to deter crime and catch criminals. We need to back our police by giving them the powers they require to fight crime, and I will support stop and search along with the roll-out of Tasers.

3) Build More Family-Sized Homes

Sky-high property prices are making London a family-free zone, with families increasingly being forced to move out of our city. I will back more homes of all kinds, but especially houses with three bedrooms or more. 

4) Invest In Our Transport System 
Our city's transport system is too imbalanced. I will push for improved transport links in boroughs south of the river and across Outer London. 

5) Make London Greener

We need to clean up London's air and protect our fantastic green spaces. I will push for the Mayor to invest in low carbon buses and use these vehicles in a targeted way to tackle pollution. 

Conservative to elect 
Toby Williams 🗳