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Braintree District Councillors provide £1,000 donation to support The Witham Hub

The Witham Hub has received a major donation of £1,000 from Braintree District Councillors Jon Hayes, Sindhu Rajeev, Billy Taylor, Ethan Williams and Toby Williams.


These five Councillors, who all represent wards in Witham, have utilised funding from the Braintree District Council’s (BDC’s) Councillors’ Community Grant scheme, to help The Hub to provide food packages for vulnerable families struggling to cope with the rising cost of living.

The £1,000 will be used to purchase meat vouchers, which in turn can be used by vulnerable families to exchange for much needed food purchases.

BDC’s community grant scheme gives funding to groups and organisations to support local projects and initiatives that benefit the people of Braintree District. Each BDC councillor has a maximum of £1,250 per year to give to local organisations, with each of the five councillors contributing £200 from their budget towards the £1,000 Witham Hub grant.

Tina Townsend, Chair of The Hub’s Board of Trustees said: “We are very grateful to the five District Councillors for their generous donation.  It will help us to provide the support where it helps the most by ensuring that families and children are eating decent quality meals and have a balanced diet.”

Witham Central Councillor, Toby Williams, said: “We’re so fortunate to have the wonderful Witham Hub in our town, and I’m proud that it’s situated in the heart of my ward. Tina Townsend and her team play an invaluable role in offering a helping hand to people right across the town, which is why my Witham councillor colleagues and I were delighted to support The Hub through this £1,000 grant”.

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