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Phase Two of improvements to Witham Town Park has commenced

Braintree District Council has secured £78,000 in Section 106 funding to implement the second phase of improvement works to Witham Town Park.

The planned works aim to improve the accessibility of the area around the park, educate visitors on Witham’s heritage, and provide a new point of interest in the town.

The improvements include the repositioning of the carved stone seats that were installed in the park during 2019, a new path and seating areas, bespoke artwork, shrub planting and tree planting. The path and stone seats will form part of a timeline depicting the history of Witham and will follow the existing trodden path around the perimeter of the park.

Toby Williams, Braintree District Councillor for Witham Central, said: “This exciting package will improve a space that is rightly cherished by the local community. Residents will welcome this significant upgrade to the park, which exemplifies Braintree District Council’s commitment to investing in Witham”

The work is expected to take eight weeks to complete.

Residents can view the plan of the park design on the council’s website.

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